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Ford Factory Workers Confirm May 3 for 2021 Bronco Production

Ford Job 1 has been confirmed by several plant workers that May 3, 2021 will be the date that the first production Ford Bronco will be produced off the assembly line.

The Wayne Michigan Assembly plant has previously been trickling the 6th Generation Ford Bronco out for demonstration vehicle purposes at a rate of approximately 40 a day for a period of time now.

“We average 40 a day for weeks now,” said one factory worker. “This number will increase every week. We are starting a second shift next week which will increase our numbers.”

Job 1 is what the first production vehicles off the line are called. Another Wayne Assembly employee discussed what the target rates were, saying “I’m hearing we will start at 350 units per shift (Bronco and Ranger mix) then ramp up to 600 per shift by August/September.”

May 3rd is the date set by Ford for initial production and what they are calling “Acceleration”. August 2nd is the current target date for full production.

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