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Most Anticipated Ford Licensed Aftermarket Accessories for the New Ford Bronco

Since Ford Motor Company’s announcement that they were working on the return of the legendary Bronco, many people have been speculating how Ford would finally take on the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler has a long history of aftermarket companies making products to improve the looks and performance of the platform. Ford has taken a page from Jeep’s playbook in working hand in hand with aftermarket companies to make sure there are plenty of options available for sixth generation Bronco owners to make their vehicles stand out after rolling off the assembly line.

Ford has Jeep in its crosshairs by working with companies like Bushwacker, ARB, CoverKing, Bestop, Curt, Yakima, Lund, Rigid Industries, JBL, Putco, Tuffy and Thule to provide plenty of accessories for the mid size SUV once it finally comes available to be driven off the lot.

Most accessories will be available to order during the fourth quarter of 2021.

New Bronco Bushwacker Fender Flares

Bushwacker is the original fender flare company and has been producing their products for over 50 years and are mainly known for their strong and UV resistant ABS plastic flares.

Fender flares are designed to be extensions of a vehicle’s fenders and are primarily designed to keep dirt, rocks, water and mud from flying up into the air while your rig is in motion. Wider flares are great for high offset wheels and bigger tire packages. There will be multiple fender flare options available for the new Bronco from Bushwacker.

The pocket style flare has been associated with Bushwacker for many years and provides an aggressive styling cue, along with good protection. The pocket style is an either you love it or you hate it modification, but many love the look and can really make your Bronco stand out. These may look out of place with stock size tires, but when you put on bigger offroad tires, the pocket style flares can really add to the rugged look.

For those that are looking for more traditional factory styling, but need more tire coverage, the Bushwacker Extend-A-Flare is a great option. These take standard factory flare looks, but make them wider. When you’re putting on wheels with higher offsets that stick out or bigger and wider tires, mud and debris can easily fly past regular flares, scratching up the body of your Bronco or damaging vehicles behind you on the road. Some states also have tire coverage laws that state that your tires can’t extend past the vehicle body. Extended fender flares keep you legal on the road in the areas.

For those that are looking for the maximum amount of tire clearance, but need more protection than what ABS flares provide, Bushwacker is also releasing high clearance steel fender flares. The steel fenders open up the wheel wells to their maximum clearance to allow running of the largest tire size possible with the minimum amount of lift. Also, being made of steel, they are built to tackle tougher terrain.

All fender flares from Bushwacker are removable and will be available for both the two door and four door models.

New Bronco ARB On Board Air Compressor

Founded in Australia in 1975, ARB has grown to become one of the most respected names in the 4×4 industry over the years and has a substantial presence in the overlanding market.

ARB’s on board air systems have built a reputation for quality and reliability since they were introduced and have become the standard by which all other on board systems are judged. ARB will be introducing a direct mount on board air system for the Bronco in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The ARB air compressor kit will be available in two different sizes. The base system will be paired with the ARB CKMA12, which is a single piston compressor capable of delivering 3.08 CFM at 0 PSI and 2.34 CFM at 29 PSI. The 50% duty cycle of this compressor makes it ideal for filling up factory tires and can handle 33″ tires easily. Filling tires up to 35″ tall can be done as well, though it’s pushing limits there.

For bigger tires or faster fill times, ARB will also offer the CKMTA12 dual compressor. The dual ARB boasts a 6.16 CFM rating at 0 PSI and a massive 4.68 CFM at 29 PSI. The ARB dual compressor also has a 100% duty cycle, which means it can be run non-stop for extended periods. This gives you the ability to fill up those big tires quickly and easily and make new friends when everyone around you wants to use your compressor to fill up their tires after an offroad adventure. Light duty air tools can also be run in short bursts with this compressor.

New Bronco Yakima Roof Rack

When it comes to options, versatility and near unlimited ability to customize, the Yakima roof rack systems are like Erector sets for adults. Since making their first kayak roof rack in 1979, Yakima has been on the forefront of roof rack systems for quality and innovation.

If you can imagine putting something on top of your sixth generation Bronco, you can most likely do it with the products that Yakima will be offering for Ford’s newest SUV.

If you’re wanting to explore the many bike trails that Moab has to offer, you can mount your pedal powered machine with the roof mounted bike carrier or hitch mounted bike rack. If you’re wanting to spend a lazy day on the water, the canoe mount is a great option. If you’re wanting a more adventurous trip, the Kayak mount will get you to the water in style. For those looking for extra storage, they have multiple cargo basket options available in different sizes. For those that enjoy the slopes, their snowsport system is an excellent choice.

For the expedition style wheelers, Yakima has everything you could possibly want. If you’re enjoying the outdoors and want an awning that you can attach to your Bronco so that you can get out of the shade, Yakima has you covered. If your adventure is going to last a weekend or even longer, their roof top tent system integrates flawlessly. You can attach lights, jerry cans, Hi-Jack Lifts, rotopax, traction boards, tools and more depending on what options you want to purchase. You can even self sustain in the outdoors even more by catching your own food with their fishing rod mounts.

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