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Moab Offroad Kawasaki KRX Drain Plug Upgrade Kit


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Upgrade your difficult to remove KRX 1000 drain plugs with the Drain Plug Upgrade Kit from Moab Offroad.

The drain plugs on the KRX use a hard to manipulate plastic cover that seals on a lip of the floorboard.  They do a good job of keeping dirt and mud out, but when it comes time to clean your UTV, they are very difficult to remove and put back in, usually requiring a tool to pry them up. Putting them back in can present even more of a challenge.

The KRX 1000 Drain Plug Upgrade Kit eliminates the problematic OEM plugs, while still keeping out the elements, unlike other options on the market.  The twist and lock system allows you to easily wash out your interior when you get home from a weekend ride or quickly get the water out of your floorboard after you decide to take a deep water crossing.


  • Easiest to remove plug on the market.
  • 1/8″ Aluminum Plate, all stainless hardware and plastic twist and lock plug.
  • Designed and engineered in the USA.


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