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S&B Wins Our Pick for 2018 Best of SEMA

S&B Filters introduced the Intake Particle Separator back in 2015 to the UTV market with an innovative new product that increased the life of air filters, protected the engine and rid the air filter system of performance robbing dust build up.

The concept works. The system uses a multiple vortex system to bring dirty air in, separate it from the clean air and then uses scavenge fans to expel the dirt out. It is an extremely efficient system in getting rid of 94% of the dust it takes in. This is important because it keeps your stock filter from getting clogged up and hurting performance, while also extending the life of the expensive UTV engine filters.

S&B introduced two new UTV products at this year’s SEMA Show. First was a CVT Particle Separator for the Polaris RzR designed to provide clean air to the UTV clutch system with 80% efficiency, all while providing the same amount of airflow as a perfectly clean CVT Frogskin. Second was the Helmet Particle Separator, which removes an amazing 99.36% of the dust entering the device.

The problem with traditional helmet air systems is that they start out with great air flow, but because they use regular air filters, they eventually get clogged up as time passes, significantly reducing the amount of clean air that gets pushed to your helmet. With the S&B, there is no filter to get clogged up, so the massive 54 CFM that you start out with will remain steady throughout your ride regardless of how dusty the conditions are.

There are also several features included that are optional with other air systems on the market. Each Helmet Particle Separator is equipped standard with a variable speed control. It also has two ports for both the driver and passenger, so there are no dual port adapters required to be purchased.

Retail cost for the S&B product has been announced at $399 for the complete system and is expected to launch in early January 2018. Information about the helmet, CVT and intake particle separators can be found at this link.

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